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Purchase Order Software Abu Dhabi- Dubai - UAE

Purchase order software by Bharti Technologies provides internal control over expenses, payables, disbursements and vendor performance while capitalizing on the accounting software award winning benefits of ease of use, staff productivity, return on investment and business intelligence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A purchase order management system is proposed, which is designed for use in combination with a network system for giving a purchase order management function, and which is characterized by the ability of allowing the customer to follow a predefined consolidation rule to specifies a number of localities and a plurality of recipients associated with each of the localities, so that if the customer wants to request the inclusion of multiple batches of products into a single batch for consignment, the related recipient data can be retrieved from the database for creating a recipient grouping code based on the consolidation rule and filled into the electronic purchase order for downloading to the manufacturer, thus requesting the producer to pack and send the ordered products accordingly. This feature can help improve the overall effectiveness of OEM/ODM business transaction between the customer and the producer.

Purchasing System permits you to order, track, and obtain both inventory items and property. It also gives the capability to browse purchase orders, list currently outstanding purchase orders, and create reports based on purchase orders. Like most parts of Inventory Pro, the Purchasing System can be modified with logos, messages and terms to adapt it to your specific business.

* Purchase Assets or Inventory Items
* Purchase Order Approvals
* Delivery Schedule (Blanket PO's)
* Inbound Appointment Scheduling
* Supplier's Catalog
* Supplier History
* Term Agreement (Supplier Contracts)
* Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders
* Accounting Software Integration
* Cost History of Purchased Items
* Receiving (Partials and Complete Orders)
* Reporting.

Functions of Purchase order management System

* Full-functioned Purchase Order Management system for all purchases of items.
* Orders produced in detail or in abstract form on-screen using stock items, non-stock items or plain text lines.
* Order records for all fulfilled or deleted orders. Any number of years including full order line-detail and account history. Searching facilities included.
* Built-in self-audit and rank report on file constancy. Automatic data-recovery in the event of hardware failure or power failure.

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