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Pharmacy Managment Software Abu Dhabi- Duabi-UAE

Our Pharmacy software specialized in accounting and inventory package developed to manage the entire transactions done in a pharmacy, supports several unique and powerful features in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Multiple depot management, detailed expiry reports of medicines helps the user to manage the pharmacy efficiently. The inventory controls, built in databases billing system are some of the features that make a most preferred pharmacy tool.

The salient features include:


• In-Built accounts
• Accounts in tree view and grid view
• Creating ‘n' number of accounts group and ledgers
• Manufacturer and distributors Details
• Extensive search option
• Additional accounting reports
• Day/Cash/Bank Book
• Bounced/ Postdated Cheque Maintenance Reports .
• Credit note/debit note entries
• Trial balance, profit and loss and Balance Sheet
• Creditor/Debtor Balance
• Creditor/debtor due and ageing report.
• Automatic Display of balance amount and stock
• Supports all tax systems
• Collection / payment report
• Summary/detailed reports for tax and discounts
• Bank reconciliation- credit card Transaction.
• Product profit report.
• Credit / Debit Limits.


• Alternate Drug selecting Facility - Search Combination
• Inventory control Features: stock minimal/reorder/overflow
• Bill, Party and Product wise Sales and Purchase Reports
• Due Date Setting
• User wise Sales and Purchase Reports
• Sales Register and Purchase Register
• Stock Listing and Stock Valuation
• Negative Stock, stock Damage, Shortage, Excess Management
• Stock Ageing Report
• Transaction Analysis
• Delivery / Material Receipts
• Inter Depot Stock Transfer
• Medicine Vs Shelf Details
• Medicine Vs Distributor Detail
• Salesman & Doctor wise Sales Report
• Report of Fast Moving and Slow Moving Products
• Product Expiry & Manufacture Report
• Day Closing Option


• Keyboard and Mouse Navigation
• Minimized Data Entry
• Various Shelf Manipulations
• Multiple Depot Management
• Accurate Printing in DOS & Windows Mode
• Excellent Security through User Creation
• Doctors Details and Reports
• Batch Entries with Different Packing and Rates
• Detailed Expiry Reports of Medicines
• Exporting Reports in HTML, Spreadsheets and text formats
• Year End Routine
• Reliable Backup and Restore Facility
• Graphs
• User Designed Billing Format (Invoice-Designer)
• Bar Code Enabled
• Report Format Wizard with Column Positioning
• Extensive Help
• Short cut keys for easy access of menus
• Barcode Designer
• Intelligent & Easy Billing
• Facility to Import/Export Excel Data

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