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HR and Payroll software Abu Dhabi- Dubai - UAE

We Bharti Technologies, Abu Dhabi, Dubai- UAE deliver the best HR Software and Payroll software to help you improve your workforce management. Whether you are looking for HR software, HRMS System, WPS Compliance, Wage Protection System, Payroll software, or a convenient Payroll service, our integrated solutions include flexible human resources management, benefits administration, and Payroll processing functionality, along with a workforce portal, powerful reporting, and business intelligence tools.

Whether an enterprise is small or large, or in a phase of expansion, lot of data pertaining to Human Resource and payroll is generated. It is a herculean task to manage such abundant information and database. Hence, we at Bharti Technologies Abu Dhabi UAE, have come up with an ideal solution for handling your payroll management related needs and issues by introducing our payroll software. A boon to an enterprise, this payroll management software magnifies payroll processing efficiency by performing the minutest of payroll functions. With our payroll software, salary calculation inclusive of statutory requisites, complete financial information of an employee, legal requirements, reports comprising MIS data and monthly payroll requirements are met with ease. We are committed to simplify your payroll and salary management through our web and desktop based payroll software . Our payroll software can be merged with ease to biometric or any other time attendance system. Once added to your corporate intranet frame work, our payroll software will enable you to access payroll data from any part of the globe through web. Our payroll software is available from Bharti Technologies for accessing and managing payroll related data thereby subsidizing the overall managerial cost involved in payroll management.

Bharti Technolgies Payroll software gives employers and payroll service Providers powerful, productivity boosting payroll solutions. HRMS, the ultimate Payroll Software Solution is a complete and comprehensive payroll software package for small, mid-sized and large businesses, which maximize payroll processing productivity and enhance profits. Payroll software is available in both the flavours viz. Desktop and web edition.

Payroll Solution has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of any scale organization. The payroll software solution is capable of in marking attendance, calculating various Salary Components, generating Payslips (and various other salary reports) according to end User Requirements.

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